Monday, January 7, 2008

Cashmere Mafia- Of Moths And Men

You know how sometimes you're driving blithely along along the highway and from a great distance you see the blinking lights of what appears to be a really bad car wreck? As you get closer you see it's going to be a really big pile-up. You promise yourself you're not going to look. Not even for a minute. And you do. And you're grossed out. And depressed. And you slow down and shake your head in amazement that something so horrible and painful is so incredibly public. And then you're depressed for the rest of the day...

Well, that's the Cashmere Mafia - and it almost makes me wish the writer's strike had started sooner.

No engaging characters. Gotta love the great friends here too- hey! did you know you're husband was cheating on you? Well, we did! and in the spirit of Spice Girls inspired girl power we're going to tell you about it just seconds before you win an award! Because we're girlfriends girlfriend! And even though we're CEOs in FIVE INCH HEELS we have time for lunch and drinks and dinner and gossipy texts. Because we're CEOs. In FIVE INCH HEELS.

Sex and the City was depressing and unrealistic enough, and yet women embraced it as the holy grail of being single. Cashmere Mafia is depressing and unrealistic- but hopeless too - just what you want from your chick shit entertainment. Not. Husband cheating? Well, why not make an impassioned declaration in front of your friends to remain married to the bastard 'cuz you just hate being single. Makes sense to me.

Here's the Cliff Notes version:

Darren Star likes making TV series about women that are really about gay men.
Pat Fields has really hideous taste.
Lucy Liu needs to be force fed a cheeseburger. And some fries.

'Nuff Said.

As you were...


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH. Thank god I no longer have to think now that I have you. But why don't yoi post more often? I don't know what to do with my time between your rants.

donna doyouwanna said...

OMG it was exaclty like lookign at a car wreck- and that golf outfit. yeah, like any business man would take her seriously in that Gilligan's Island get up. Come to think of it, like any business man would really show loyalty to a woman over a man- you haven't come that far baby.