Friday, December 28, 2007

Bad News/Good News/Celebrity Wedded Blues

The bad news is that the formerly dishy Josh Duhamel is engaged to that sorta tranny looking Fergie. I say formerly dishy because as soon as Joshy hooked up with pee in my pants in public 'cuz I'm all drugged up/I have more Botox than a Hollywood Wife and creepy piercings/and a serious dearth of actual musical talent but lots of hair extensions Fergie, he slid waaaaaaay down on the cute-o-meter.

That said Brendan Fraser is free! Um, because he and his wife are divorcing. Which is sad, because he seems like a nice guy. Also, he seems half gay- is he?

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are divorcing too which is good news for Robin, because Sean is careening towards crazytown™ in a big way. And his hair looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's. And his movies suck. And he's pompous. And- here, you fill in the blanks now_____________________.

Ain't love grand?

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Anonymous said...

am i Fergie? i just wet my pants laughing.